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Maniphest should use Maniphest search by default
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As a user who's using Maniphest (e.g. reading this task) and needs a "full text" search rather than a "go" search, I want to be kept inside Maniphest so that I'm not forced to endless many-clicks journeys between applications and I'm offered a tool which is designed to actually find the task I'm looking for.

I. Observed: if I type a project name or any other autompletable thing in the phabricator instance, that's displayed and I can follow the link, or I'll be redirected to it upon search.
II. Observed: if I type something with a unique result and I press enter, I'm redirected to it (e.g. if I search a task number).
III. Observed: when for whatever reason I'm presented with a list of search results after I search whatever, the page being loaded is .
IV. Expected: I-II fine, III not. I should be directed to .

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Please provide steps (click by click) for an example to reproduce the actual problem.

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Hmm, why was this assigned to me? Unassigning...

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