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MediaWiki pages edited by non-sysop registered users in Commons via TranslatePostInitGroups
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For the sake of , Commons has:

	if ( $wgDBname === 'commonswiki' ) {
		$wgHooks['TranslatePostInitGroups'][] = function ( &$cc ) {
			$id = 'wiki-translatable';
			$mg = new WikiMessageGroup( $id, 'translatable-messages' );
			$mg->setLabel( 'Interface' );
			$mg->setDescription( 'Messages used in the custom interface of this wiki' );
			$cc[$id] = $mg;
			return true;

Steinsplitter asked if edits by non admins like (which has an associated review by the same user), or , are expected behaviour.

Only messages listed in can be edited, and those don't look problematic, but double checking that they don't alow raw HTML doesn't harm.

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Can be fixed temporary, but i think it should be fixed in the code.

MediaWiki:.* <noedit|errmsg=titleblacklist-custom-nomwedit>
Reguyla set Security to None.
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This is because the page MediaWiki:Linkshere is able for translation (with <translate> tag). It was removed in 2015 (see Currently there's no translatable interface messages in Commons.

Ordinary users seems not able to translate messages listed in