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Dynamic wikibase detection
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Similar to T74847 the wikibase settings are hardcoded into the family files. There is [[|action=query&meta=wikibase]] which would allow to make dynamically if the API plays along. In T74847 a very nasty problem surfaced which made it at least very hard to determine the Site object parameter (basically which family and code it uses) based on the result (see T85153).

So part of this task is also to determine if this API call has the same problem so other wikibase installations in the wild should be queried (or more exact: installations which use another wikibase). At least from the result of the English Wikipedia it should be easy to get a Site object because it's possible to construct the URL similar to the interwiki map URL for which we already have an implementation.

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looks like we wont have similar problems

wikidata points at itself:

test.wikipedia points at test.wikidata:

Here is an older install in the wild, which is a wikibase client and wikibase repo, and it has a usable response:

It would be very useful to have this functionality for the beta cluster, as currently wikibase related tests are not run on the beta cluster because its data repository ( isnt configured. looks good.

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Addressing this is a high priority, as @Addshore has announced breaking changes which I assume will land on beta cluster first, so we should have tests in place to ensure everything works correctly.

Change 247555 had a related patch set uploaded (by XZise):
[FEAT] site: Dynamically determine Wikibase repo

Change 247555 merged by jenkins-bot:
[FEAT] site: Dynamically determine Wikibase repo

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