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Testing Pywikibot-Wikidata changes on non-production wikis
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Pywikibot has some tests which use test.wikidata in , however these test wikis appear to have a very odd configuration wrt integration tests. Where should people (such as Google-Code-in-2014 participants) do analysis / testing of integration of client and repo?

"You can use [[testwiki:|testwiki]] or [[test2wiki:|test2wiki]] an test clients." was added to the main page in March by user [[user:GZWDer]], and I guess that is true in a sense. However it doesnt appear possible to add sitelinks to testwiki or test2wiki, as far as I am aware.

Could someone confirm that (and that I am not going crazy)?

Is there an open Phab task about that? (I searched in Phab for "testwiki wikidata" but came up empty).


  1. go to
  2. click add sitelink / add a lang / link with page
  3. input language: extwiki
  4. input page: Wikipedia
  5. click 'Link with Page' to perform the operation

Result: error: "The external client site 'enwiki' did not provide page information for page '0.8319452734493841 Moved'."

Which is odd, I think..?

If the test wikis arnt able to be used together for integration testing, what other options are there?

  1. use test.wikidata as client and repo , or
  2. use, or
  3. ??

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Here is an example of the problem (after the rough patch on T85356 is applied)

$ python scripts/ -family:wikipedia -lang:test -template:test test P404 -simulate
WARNING: cacheSources: Could not load sources: Page [[wikidata:test:Wikidata:List of wikis/python]] doesn't exist.
Finding redirects...
Retrieving 9 pages from wikipedia:test.
WARNING: API warning (wbgetentities): Unrecognized value for parameter 'sites': testwiki
ERROR: param-missing: A parameter that is required was missing (Either provide the item "ids" or pairs of "sites" and "titles" for corresponding pages)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./pywikibot/", line 1190, in run
    item = pywikibot.ItemPage.fromPage(page)
  File "./pywikibot/", line 3251, in fromPage
    if not lazy_load and not i.exists():
  File "./pywikibot/", line 2867, in exists
  File "./pywikibot/", line 3263, in get
    super(ItemPage, self).get(force=force, *args, **kwargs)
  File "./pywikibot/", line 2901, in get
    data = self.repo.loadcontent(identification, *args)
  File "./pywikibot/", line 5173, in loadcontent
    data = req.submit()
  File "./pywikibot/data/", line 1093, in submit
    raise APIError(code, info, **result["error"])
APIError: param-missing: A parameter that is required was missing (Either provide the item "ids" or pairs of "sites" and "titles" for corresponding pages)
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Is this still a problem? If not, can it be resolved?

Is this still a problem? If not, can it be resolved?

The steps to reproduce the problem still produce the same error.

Removing browser-tests, I do not think it is related. Please add it back if you think it is.

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So now this is a regular problem on pywikibot integration tests.

The test that is failing is test_unconnected in

  1. It loads
  2. In the travis job error above it starts working on the first page on Special:UnconnectedPages, which is "Most-perfect magic square/invited"
  3. It loads the data repository for test.wikipedia, which is configured to be test.wikidata (see
  4. Tries to detect whether the page is indeed not linked to an item in the data repository using
  5. The API responds with
{"servedby":"mw1017","warnings":{"wbgetentities":{"*":"Unrecognized value for parameter 'sites': testwiki"}},"error":{"code":"param-missing","info":"A parameter that is required was missing (Either provide the item \"ids\" or pairs of \"sites\" and \"titles\" for corresponding pages)","messages":[{"name":"wikibase-api-param-missing","parameters":[],"html":{"*":"A parameter that is required was missing"}}],"*":"See for API usage"}}

testwiki isnt a wiki listed as a valid value for sites:

The only test wiki which is listed as a value value for sites is : testwikidatawiki

Change 231764 had a related patch set uploaded (by John Vandenberg):
Wikibase integration tests fail on test.wikipedia

Change 231764 merged by jenkins-bot:
Wikibase integration tests fail on test.wikipedia

Adding a link at least works on but this won't add a link for the site the link was made from.
On i added but this created the item which links to instead of testwiki.

Yes, it seems testwiki and test2wiki have an interesting configuration.

Preferred way of testing would be unit tests that don't talk to a mediawiki installation.
With what I wrote in T58961#1718288 you would get a job with a wiki, but as Wikibase doesn't work out of the box it needs additional commands to configure. In addition you'd need another wiki as a client. So that way would be a bit more work.
For local testing against a mediawiki the wikidata vagrant role should work out of the box (you get a wikifarm with an additional wikibase client wiki and repo wiki).

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