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Alert users when performing restricted actions with Special:MovePage
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When using the webui, have Special:MovePage present a warning (similar to MediaWiki:Delete and move text) when the destination of the move is subject to protection or the title blacklist. Even if it doesn't need an extra tick box (like deletion does) and just needed the user to click move again.

Currently there isn't a warning given to a user if they perform an action using Special:MovePage which is restricted (discounting if the target exists).


  • Page protection
    • Destination title is a new page and has any create=x protection in place
    • Destination title is an existing page and has any edit=x protection in place
  • Blacklist
    • The destination title is match to the titleblacklist

See also this discussion:
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See also discussion of mechanics options here:

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I'd like to be able to include a message for any of these conditions:

IF (move target) was previously deleted : Identify this was previously deleted AND show last deletion log entry

IF (move target) collides with the title blacklist : Identify this is on the black list AND show expression hit(s)

IF (move target) has a create protection level : Identify this has a protection level AND show last protection log entry

Thanks to those who have pointed me here after my inquiries at the en.wp's village pump. I see this is currently unassigned, does anyone know any devs who might be interested in this that I could try to prod into working on it?

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Updated original to archive link.
If the destination page was not "deleted" but moved with suppressredirect, would the deletion log still show (as it does in other circumstances)? As for the additional warnings, should a create prot level warning at semi (and extendedconfirmed for enwiki) show? Also assuming that bots and automated processes would need to be be unaffected by the additional warnings.

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Why is this marked "Stalled"? What is blocking it? If it's just been set to "Stalled" because no-one is currently working on it, it should be set to "Open".

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No reason was given hence reopening.

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This seems like a useful task. It would be nice for an admin to know if they're moving into a salted page.

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