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The formatPropertyValues needs an option to format data from date-time, angle or geographic coordinates
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For text values, a simple formatPropertyValues is enough. But for a scribunto module one could needs only the month or the year. "28 december 2014" is not so easy. This could be easier with a fixed date-time format like -YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS,nnn (minus or plus is for years before or from 1, and 0 could means "not defined in this format"). Then an option to choose the type of format could be usefull. Another case is angle or geographic coordinates in radian / turn / grade / degree.

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For date-time, format like in LibreOffice could be usefull : "yyyy-mm-dd" or "mmm/yy"
Also "ISO8601" for date-time if it is not the default format.
Or that could become a function from ISO8601 in Lua modules?