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Annotate redirects from prop=info if target is an interwiki
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Take for example:|notifications&uiprop=hasmsg&notprop=count

<r from="User:Reedy/RIW" to="de:User:Reedy"/>
<userinfo id="449918" name="Reedy"/>
<notifications rawcount="0" count="0"/>

It'd be really useful if the API could annotate if the target is an interwiki. There is nothing better than the local MW install at knowing what is a redirect on itself. Or, than being some extra attribute (like interwiki="true" or whatever), if we could extract and list the interwikis... Like we do elsewhere if we're given an interwiki title to open etc|notifications&uiprop=hasmsg&notprop=count

<n from="De:Foobar" to="de:Foobar"/>
<i title="de:Foobar" iw="de"/>
<userinfo id="449918" name="Reedy"/>
<notifications rawcount="0" count="0"/>

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Change 182081 had a related patch set uploaded (by Anomie):
API: Improve handling of interwiki redirects when resolving


Change 182081 merged by jenkins-bot:
API: Improve handling of interwiki redirects when resolving

@Magioladitis: Can you file that separate bug as a new task here in Phabricator?

Thanks! That'll help the devs a ton.