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Footer is not visible in workboards
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  1. Visit a workboard, e.g.

I. Observed: there is a scrollbar for the whole page, but it has no bar inside, so I can't scoll. Instead, there is an inernal scrollbar to scroll the workboard.

  1. Scroll to bottom

II. Expected: I see the footer.
III. Observed: no footer.

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For what is worth, when we requested a footer for Phabricator we were already told that a solution including Workboards and Conpherence would be a lot more involved. See

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This is moderately technically complicated, the use case isn't clear to me (why is it important to access the footer on these particular pages?), and making this change on full-screen interfaces would cannibalize screen space. I suspect that users are very rarely interested in accessing the footer from workboards and would generally prefer the extra space for showing cards.

Committing to always showing the footer on every page would also mean we can never have any page do "infinite scroll" (we currently don't, but this is occasionally proposed and something we might do in the future), and, if taken strictly ("All pages served to the browser must include the footer"), would prevent us from serving raw documents (like images, text, diffs, PDF files, etc) without a "Content-Disposition" header that forced them to download.

If the use case is a compliance/regulatory use case (e.g., "We've recently reached a settlement with regulatory body X that requires us to pay a $5B fine and strictly implement user-hostile behavior Y") I'd prefer to find a more tailored solution to minimize the impact of hostile behavior Y, but this is probably out of scope in the upstream.

Upshot: it's intentional that we don't show footers on these pages because footers usually aren't very interesting/useful and we can make better use of the space in full-screen interfaces to show content, and I don't expect the upstream behavior to change.