[Story] get Wikidata added to LOD cloud
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Wikidata needs to show up in http://lod-cloud.net. To do that we need an entry at http://datahub.io and make sure we fulfill the other stuff on http://lod-cloud.net/#how-to-join

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As another useful feature, this will also allow us to have our SPARQL endpoint monitored at http://sparqles.ai.wu.ac.at/ Basic registration should not be too much work; please look into it (I don't want to create an account for Wikimedia ;-).

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As far as I’m aware, the last missing part here was T121274: Provide an RDF mapping for external identifiers, which is now fixed. I think we’re waiting for T176593: Reload WDQS dataset so that the new URIs are consistently available in WDQS, but after that, is there anything else left to do before we start submitting requests against DataHub and LODC?

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No the next step should be adding us to datahub and then we should be good to go. I believe we can do this already now and not wait for the reload.

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I'm late to this discussion but I want to chime in because:

  • I've contributed to Wikipedia (in my own small way)
  • I've contributed to Wikidata (in my own small way)
  • I'm using Wikidata in a bunch of semantic web projects and it's awesome

First off, Wikidata is listed in the Old DataHub https://old.datahub.io/dataset/wikidata but it is not in the new one http://datahub.io/search?q=wikidata. I'd like to know why it was not automatically brought over. Second, given that Wikidata was in a version of DataHub how come it is not showing up in the LOD-cloud validator [http://validator.lod-cloud.net/ | http://validator.lod-cloud.net/ ]]?

I notice that in the old dataset SPARQL endpoint also was wrong - it's not https://query.wikidata.org/ but https://query.wikidata.org/sparql - the former is GUI endpoint. Not sure if we have this file stored somewhere in our repos? Maybe add it if not so we could validate it?

I emailed the listed contact for lod-cloud.net. Let's see if he can help.

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Update: The reply was that they're looking into other ways than datahub. So wait and see :/

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