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Purge tool does not show up in dropdown(enabled as beta)
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The Purge tool is not visible in the beta(enabled by Preferences>Beta) dropdown, as shown in the photograph. It has a link , but the name is not visible.

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I have no idea how to reproduce the problem.
Please provide better steps to reproduce.


  2. Enable "Compact personal bar"
  3. Go to
  4. See no such entry in the dropdown
  5. I also enabled "Add purge tab" on but still see nothing like that.

Try using Internet Explorer(I used 11 here) and see if it happens then.

Leaderboard: I don't have access to any Internet Explorer.

Also, is that functionality available at all when "Add purge tab" is disabled in your account settings? See my previous comment.

Partially , it is still present in the menu(and works) but no longer on the tabs.

It is worth mentioning however that it is actually mentioned that Internet Explorer is not a supported browser on the beta page(why is that?).

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Alright, looks like this is an on-wiki gadget which is out of scope for the BetaFeatures codebase and needs to be fixed in the gadget itself. Gadgets are on-wiki and not tracked in Phabricator. Please contact the gadget maintainer.

why is that?

You could ask on

Quiddity set Security to None.