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Cannot re-use a citation in an image caption
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open media dialog on page containing some <ref>s.
  2. Click inside the caption.
  3. Open 'Cite' menu.
  4. Notice that 'Re-use' is grayed out.

Expectation: You should be able to re-use a ref inside an image caption.

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It seems that the citations that are available for Re-use in the Media dialog are only those that were already inserted in it.

  • open Media dialog and insert a Cite in Caption
  • re-open the dialog and then you can Re-use the inserted Cite.

Also notice that ref counter in Media Caption has its own "scope" for counting - the inserted Citation will always display [1] etc upon insertion; when saved - the counter will reflect correct counting according to the page Reference list. [1] number will be displayed again if Media dialog box will be re-opened for editing.

I'm guessing this is blocked by T49344, maybe it should be merged with T62919 though? Sounds like different symptoms of the same problem to me.