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(2) Restyle category pagination links as buttons
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The next 50 / previous 50 links at the bottom of the categories list are clumsy to click on mobile. Let's update them in desktop to be 2 buttons.

  • Should be buttons using mediawiki ui (neutral mw-ui-button)
  • remove paranthesis
  • Should appear same in desktop and mobile view (when MobileFrontend is installed)

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I don't see why this should be buttons, they don't perform any action, they are just standard navigation links to other pages.
The category names to display are definitely not isolately buttons like "Submit", "Edit", "OK", "Cancel", "Reply", "Create page", but in the mobile version they would still need to be easily clickable with enough margins. That's why they should fit better in the lateral menu (which is itself collapsed by default at top of page).
So I see good reson to organize them as a list. In the mobile version, this list takes too much space and would preferably rendered in the side menu where other navigation tools are found (including "what links here", "history", "related edits" and so on), as a standard vertical list that may be collapsed and unrolled from a single button, but not needing any bullet, just rectangular areas stacked vertically (and collapsed if there are more than a couple of categories to display) as in common mobile menus (see the items in Preferences menus on Android for example).