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Category gives wrong number of pages
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In this category are 13 categories and 315 pages, the category however shows 301 pages. (The magic word PAGESINCATEGORY: has the same issue.)

Can this be solved?

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I noticed the same on the Finnish Wikipedia few months ago at (hmm is it a coincidence that both the nl-wiki and fi-wiki categories contains featured articles?)

The category says "281" pages, but there are currently 282 pages (at the time I write this).

I thought we solved this for smaller categories (less than X members) by allowing the purge action to refresh the category member count, maybe? This issue has definitely come up before.

What is the status of this bug?

This probably needs a maintenance script to be run to refresh the counts. @Legoktm and @Krenair: thoughts?

That said, I'm not sure I ever got a clear answer why purging the category description page isn't updating the count. I believe it should be working for a categories of a certain size. Maybe the limit is too low? Or maybe this feature is broken? We should investigate that.

This task might make sense to merge with T85696. (cc: @matmarex)

Given that we can apparently run populateCategory.php to fix the immediate issues, we should probably do that.