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Pasting Excel cells into Internet Explorer doesn't work
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Pasting from Excel into Chrome works. Highlighting that content in Chrome and then pasting it into IE works.

Pasting the content straight from Excel into IE11 doesn't work.

How can I enable pasting straight from Excel?

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What HTML do you get if you past into a CE box?

It doesn't seem to matter which browser I use. Chrome, FF, and IE all give: "226 LexWiki "

Pasting the same thing into a VE page on chrome gives a table with two cells.

Sorry for being an idiot -- I was pasting into the wrong box.

On Chrome, I get:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="270" style="border-collapse:
 collapse;width:203pt"><tbody><tr height="80" style="height:60.0pt">
  <td height="80" align="right" width="58" style="height:60.0pt;width:44pt">226</td>
  <td width="212" style="width:159pt">LexWiki</td></tr></tbody></table>

In IE, I get:

<table width="270" style="width: 203pt; border-collapse: collapse;" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><font face="Times New Roman">
 </font><colgroup><col width="58" style="width: 44pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2121;"><font face="Times New Roman">
 </font><col width="212" style="width: 159pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 7753;"><font face="Times New Roman">
 </font><tbody><tr height="80" style="height: 60pt;"><font face="Times New Roman">

  </font><td width="58" height="80" align="right" style="border: 0px black; width: 44pt; height: 60pt; background-color: transparent;"><font face="Calibri">226</font></td><font face="Times New Roman">
  </font><td width="212" style="border: 0px black; width: 159pt; background-color: transparent;"><font face="Calibri">LexWiki</font></td><font face="Times New Roman">

 </font></tr><font face="Times New Roman">

In FF, I get:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="270"><colgroup><col width="58"><col width="212"></colgroup><tbody><tr height="80">
  <td style="height:60.0pt;width:44pt" align="right" height="80" width="58">226</td>
  <td style="width:159pt" width="212">LexWiki</td>

Wow that IE html is bad. Font tags as a child of table!

So, how do I strip it? Where would I put that in the VE code?

I'll have to take a look at how the converter is handling it at the moment to see how to fix it, but I'm on holiday at the moment.

From IRC:

<edsanders> hexmode, paste sanitization happens in
<edsanders> ve.ce.Surface.prototype.afterPaste
<edsanders> and
<edsanders> we have sanitization rules
<edsanders> which are strict for MediaWiki and loose for VisualEditor core

Tracked down to a call in ve.js: ve.createDocumentFromHtml.

Using my trusty console.log() -- who needs a debugger!?! -- I saw that before this call the text I want is there, but after it isn't:

			// If there were no problems, let CE do its sanitizing as it may
			// contain all sorts of horrible metadata (head tags etc.)
			// TODO: IE will always take this path, and so may have bugs with span unwapping
			// in edge cases (e.g. pasting a single MWReference)
			htmlDoc = ve.createDocumentFromHtml( this.$pasteTarget.html() );

hrm.... maybe I was wrong. looks like it is already stripped by this point.

No, I was right. I just removed all <font> tags and their children.

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Not getting any crazy font tags with Excel2016 + Edge12.

Broken with Firefox, too.

If I paste from Excel while editing a page in VE in Firefox, it's not pasted as a table at all, but just as text. If I paste into Chrome, it's pasted as table cells.

If I paste from Google Spreadsheets into Firefox, it also works.

Should it be a separate task?

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