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Duplicated topics in some views (Unbreak Now)
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A notification for "6 new topics" led me to
this view contains repeated topics.

I can reproduce the problem if I visit the link with a second account, but not whilst logged-out.

The &topiclist_sortby=newest seems to be the troublesome bit.


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mediawiki/extensions/Flow : masterTOC bug: duplicated topics in some views

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This is an issue we already noticed and fixed in the TOC branch. What happens is:

  1. User has default sort order set to 'updated'
  2. User requests page with sort order of 'newest'
  3. Auto-pagination does not tell the backend about sort order, so gets user default of 'recent'
  4. Duplicated topics are those that are on page 1 of 'newest' but page 2 of 'updated'

The patch in the TOC branch changes this so that auto-pagination tells the backend about the sort order.

There might be an additional aspect to fix, which Erik is working on.

Change 183985 had a related patch set uploaded (by EBernhardson):
TOC bug: duplicated topics in some views


Change 183985 merged by jenkins-bot:
TOC bug: duplicated topics in some views

This task has been "Unbreak Now!" priority since December 31. A patch was merged on January 13.

Flow team: What else is left to do here? Or shall this task be closed as resolved?

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