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I wonder whether Google Code-in could be of any help here.

@Qgil: Could you clarify the scope here? I looked at the page but am not sure what we want to accomplish.

@Qgil: If GCI could help, could you clarify the scope of this task in the next weeks?
I looked at the page but am not sure what we want to accomplish.

Sorry, I totally missed this. We have some tasks related with sorting out developer documentation artifacts and, while each action in each task might be relatively simple, planning the whole organization effort it is not (@gpaumier mentioned something similar in a related task).

We don't have time/resources available for this right now. Maybe all this is food for an Outreachy internship mentored by a couple of people with a good grasp of what jewels we have in If someone is interested in moving this forward, I'm happy to help and support (but I cannot drive).

For whjat is worth, I'm mentioning this type of work at

On a second thought, maybe this task should be just Declined. It is not clear to me either what I meant when I created it...