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Increase storage available to labs NFS server
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Originally aimed for 50% expansion, revised to 25% to over over a year of planned use increase (increase the number of disk shelves from four to five).

This is mostly hardware expansion (new disk shelves, populated).

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Hardware ordered.

Actual capacity expansion is simply adding the new disks to the LVM volume group.

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mark added a subscriber: mark.Jan 5 2015, 4:11 PM

What's the status of this order? Perhaps link to the RT ticket?

coren added a comment.Jan 5 2015, 4:26 PM

This is tracked by RT 8830 although a better description of the status is "ordering process in progress" it seems; I see no activity after the receipt of the updated quotation from Dell.

coren added a comment.Feb 4 2015, 10:15 PM

This appears to have been delivered according to RT. Putting what seems to be the physical move as blocker.

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There are issues with the Precise version of LVS on labstore1001 that (obviously) were not picked up by test on labstore2001 - which is at Trusty. Investigation points to problems in the lvm2 package around thin snapshots of very large volumes that have since been fixed.

Backporting of lvm2 is necessary; doing so now.

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The new storage is now online and usable (91T total)