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Please delete includes/ParserXML.php if it is no longer used
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Author: nickpj


From an email from the start of April 2006:

Nick Jenkins wrote:

Problem: Use of deprecated call-time pass-by-reference (line 325 of


Explanation: Arg 3 is already a ref (see function declaration on line 190 of

same file), so:

  • $ret .= $this->getTemplateXHTML($title, $parts, & $parser);

+ $ret .= $this->getTemplateXHTML($title, $parts, $parser);

This file's not really used and should probably be removed entirely...

  • brion vibber (brion @

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: normal
Platform: PC



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Took this out of trunk in r15403. If it's brought back up to
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