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Migrate the remaining Language Engineering mingle cards into phabricator
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About 120 story cards remain open on mingle for Language Engineering. A similar number of task cards are also open. These cards will need to be migrated into phabricator, preferably using the script available at P129

Things to do:

  1. Review the open cards on mingle and close/discard what we can let go (e.g. duplicates, completed tasks, moved to phabricator already) - @Arrbee (1 round already done)
  2. Review and make changes to the script to migrate the remaining cards. The script needs to take into account custom story types used by the team - @Amire80
  3. Run the script and check the resulting cards on phabricator - @Arrbee and @Amire80

Full discussion at T822

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Status update (and note to myself): Amire80 is currently testing on phab-01 but looks like there are some access restrictions issues for tasks.

Status update: All cards of type - story, unplanned tasks, dev support & tech debt have been migrated. Remaining task cards will be done today.

This is now complete.