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Optimize Wikidata's Composer class loader impact
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While looking at T85182: Composer autoloader is slow and the upstream issue I decided to poke at the data from the flame graph that @Legoktm linked in the upstream bug report. I think there are opportunities to improve the resource footprint required by the Wikidata extension in addition to any optimizations that can be made in the Composer Autoloader class.

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The most expensive Composer related code path in the 2014-12-31 flame graph is:

composerRequirewikidata_1_25wmf12c looks to be the place to really start digging here. This is the inner call from the loop that loads everything in autoload_files.php. Wikidata is loading 18 dependent libraries (directly and indirectly) which specify a "files" autoloader component:

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Is this specifically about the *Wikidata* extension (and not the code from Wikibase etc.) or about the whole pile of code in Wikidata?

bd808 added a comment.Jan 3 2015, 9:44 PM

Several of these components seem to only use the "files" autoloader to make something show up in Special:Version. Could the new feature to expose Composer vendor libs be used or extended to do this instead?

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The include -> call_user_func -> closure pattern allows splitting up large files and keeping the global scope clean, but since both closures and call_user_func are bottlenecks for HHVM optimization it might be worth thinking about alternate implementations that use more readily optimized code.

bd808 added a comment.Jan 3 2015, 9:58 PM

I think the long tail of Composer\Autoload\includeFile -> Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader::loadClass -> Composer\Autoload\includeFile -> Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader::loadClass -> Composer\Autoload\includeFile -> Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader::loadClass may be the class_alias mappings.

I've heard @aude mention this as something that should be eliminated before.

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In T85737#953452, @hoo wrote:

Is this specifically about the *Wikidata* extension (and not the code from Wikibase etc.) or about the whole pile of code in Wikidata?

I was looking at the code paths triggered by mediawiki/extensions/Wikidata so in that sense it is about the Wikidata extension, but I think the issues are in both the extension and it's dependencies.

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Wikidata no longer uses the composer autoloader \o/

In addition, all of the libraries no longer register MediaWiki entrypoints since they are libraries. For the extensions, I think we got rid of most of the weird call_user_func stuff during the switch to extension.json.

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