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Issues with result relevancy in particular enwiki searches
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A user has reported (#2015010210004659) that searching for "Opinion Poll United Kingdom" on the English Wikipedia does not return particularly relevant results. To me it looks like "Opinion Polling United Kingdom" (just add "ing") is better.

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Another user (#2015010910013592) has reported that 'emoticon list' used to bring up the 'List of emoticons' page as the first option, but this is no longer the case.

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The polling one sounds like a stemming issue, but the emoticon one sounds like a page ranking issue.

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Generally, knowing a few queries that produce suboptimal results is interesting, but it's not really easy for us to fix specific examples without putting extremely specific hacks into the code, which will cause more pain than gain in the long run. Whenever you tweak some parameter trying only to make one specific query better, you tend to make a ton of other ones worse. The long and short of it is that there is a limited amount we can do here. Accordingly, I'm declining this task.

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