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API query.watchlist: filter by "since last visit"
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Special:Watchlist is able to list "Pages that have been changed since you last visited them are shown in bold."

I want to alert users on their user profile for that number: "X new items on your watchlist."

With "wlexcludeuser = wgUsername" I can nail the items down to a few but this number would unlocially change over the days (new items come ein, old ones fall out).

query.watchlist has no filter for that:

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If you're only wanting to say "X new items on your watchlist", see T67246.

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And, for that matter, the filter you request does in fact exist: show=unread.

Oh, you're right. but wlshow "unread" is not available in my MW 1.22 :)

I guess the ticket can be closed.


1.22 is unmaintained anyway and does not receive security updates. Please upgrade.