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CharInsert Extension should use mw.toolbar.insertTags instead of window.insertTags
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When editing a page and using edittools with CharInsert extension, the following warning is displayed in the web console:

'"Use of "insertTags" is deprecated. Use mw.toolbar.insertTags instead."'

It is probably a good idea to change the extension to use the new function instead.

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$:foo\> grep -r insertTags .
./CharInsert.php: 'onclick' => "insertTags('$estart','$eend','');return false",

Is this bug in VE ? Can u please detail it? I want to fix it. Apart "charInsert" ? Is it a MW extension?

@Kabhi2104: Thanks for your interest! Yes, the initial description of this task says "CharInsert extension". VE seems to not be related here. If anything is specifically unclear, please mention what exactly so we can help - however, you are supposed to dive into the code and test your changes yourself. :)

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Actually, as described in the comments of the blocking task, this is probably not as easy to solve as initially considered.

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I'm pretty sure I fixed this in 627c26823efd5ee1ac960d80b06b83e92e15daa5 (September 30). Please reopen if that's not the case.

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