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Parsoid performance analysis
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Tim to review Parsoid for performance. Especially interested in API queries.

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Parsoid API requests account for about 44% of the request rate at the API cluster. Parsoid's action=expandtemplates accounts for 31% of total API wall clock time as accounted by api.log (which omits setup time).

Source data:


[0206][tstarling@fluorine:/a/mw-log]$ zcat archive/api.log-20150105.gz |  perl ~/ | head -n20
count          time (s)       action
587827         35468.292      [Total]
157230         11175.614      expandtemplates
125231         4025.265       query/imageinfo
37826          3308.852       query/pageimages
53135          3258.091       opensearch
22898          2040.357       parse
18490          1859.015       mobileview
45614          1567.970       query/revisions
40874          1516.924       query
1885           1134.007       stashedit
24732          701.929        wbgetclaims
4737           690.069        query/pageprops|pageimages
488            687.032        edit
3657           648.877        no-action
779            557.804        query/extlinks|categories|revisions|iwlinks|images|imageinfo|links|extracts
7959           466.527        wbgetentities
128            147.536        login
370            135.682        feedrecentchanges
5988           107.322        query/info

Filtered for parsoid client IPs:

[0208][tstarling@fluorine:/a/mw-log]$ zcat archive/api.log-20150105.gz | grep -Ff ~/parsoid-ips | perl ~/ | head -n20
count          time (s)       action
261575         13413.248      [Total]
156962         11151.541      expandtemplates
77088          1399.304       query/imageinfo
3601           458.264        parse
23849          397.740        query/revisions
75             6.399          query

Confirmation of lack of errors introduced by the shortcut of using grep -Ff on whole log lines instead of selecting the IP address field:

[0251][tstarling@fluorine:/a/mw-log]$ zcat archive/api.log-20150105.gz | awk '{print $8}' | grep -Ff ~/parsoid-ips | wc -l
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The most convincing argument in favour of not batching seems to be for latency optimisation. But latency is irrelevant for ParsoidCacheUpdate jobs. On wtp1001, I captured about 9046 requests between 03:18 and 03:34, and of those, 8848 or 98% had an X-Parsoid header, indicating they originated from ParsoidCacheUpdate. Those requests could use large batch sizes with no effect on the end user. Job execution rate would be unaffected if Parsoid's --num-workers was retuned to give the same CPU utilisation.

Source data:

root@wtp1001:~# tcpdump -r ~/requests.pcap -A | grep ' HTTP/1\.1' | wc -l
reading from file /root/requests.pcap, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet)
root@wtp1001:~# tcpdump -r ~/requests.pcap -A | grep 'GET /' | wc -l
reading from file /root/requests.pcap, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet)
root@wtp1001:~# tcpdump -r ~/requests.pcap -A | grep 'X-Parsoid' | wc -l
reading from file /root/requests.pcap, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet)

I don't think that dashboard thing is related.

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Heya, interesting results! Quick clarification: is api.log some sort of general logs or did you implement some performance instrumentation?

api.log already existed, it is the "api" log channel, generated by ApiMain::logRequest().

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