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Mobile VisualEditor won't load (this.getSurface(...) is undefined)
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Currently on or if you try to load the VisualEditor by switching to it, it fails with the error message:
"this.getSurface(...) is undefined"

The trace points to ve.ui.Toolbar.js (line 224, col 8):
return this.getSurface().triggerListener.getCommands();

Running in beta mode as a logged in user. Couldn't test on Beta Labs due to Parsiod issues there.

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Mobile VE loads for me on beta, but not on By the way, we've already swatted two fixes for mobile VE today (see the mentions above).

Change 182993 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Monk):
Update setupToolbar signature in mobile target


Looks like we missed one. See patch above.

Change 182993 merged by Catrope:
Update setupToolbar signature in mobile target