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Unattached local accounts getting attached after the global user merge
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Unattached local accounts getting attached to the global account after the global user merge.

It should not allow to merge global accounts which has unattached local accounts BUT if the global merge comes into play after SUL finalization, then there might not be any unattached local accounts so this bug may not be valid.

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@Shanmugamp7: Was this task intentionally assigned to Keegan?
Is there a specific example of this with a certain user on a certain wiki?

@Aklapper : I was testing Global user merge beta.wmflabs per Keegan's request, so thought Keegan would assign it to the right person. I did the merge with this account.

@Aklapper Assigning it to me initially is fine. @Shanmugamp7 in the future if you could add SUL-Finalization as a project, that'd be swell.

I'm going to mark this as invalid, since yes, Shanmugamp7, there will not be any unattached local accounts after SUL finalization. All accounts that will need to be merged or request merging will be global.

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