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Visual Editor inserts ☀ instead of  
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cscott: what's the preferred way to enter a   character in visual editor?
cscott: manually copy-pasting an \u00A0 from terminal seems to result in "☀" in VE.
cscott: using the Insert > Special Character menu doesn't show nbsp, so there's no alternative to insert it.
TrevorParscal: ideally it would be shift+space
TrevorParscal: but that doesn't appear to be working
cscott: manually copy-pasting an   from the existing wikitext from within VE also results in ☀
cscott: shift-space seems to insert \u0020 (a normal space)
ori: nbsp is 'night-black sun pattern', hence ☀
ori: i made that up
TrevorParscal: yeah, so I feel like I recall shift+space and shift+enter inserting   and \n respectively, but I don't know when that died and why
cscott: i guess I should file a bug.
etonkovidova: TrevorParscal: yes, black sun for npbsp - and on Mac it's option+space
cscott: etonkovidova: does option+space work? or does it insert the night-black sun pattern?
etonkovidova: cscott: there are two problems :) copying nbsp -create a black sun - personally I like it...
etonkovidova: in Edit source - option+space creates nbsp - confirmed it yesterday
James_F: etonkovidova: That's what Ed's fixing now.
etonkovidova: fixing - meaning - option+space won't insert nbsp?
James_F: etonkovidova: No, I meant paste-and-nbsp-get-an-nbsp-and-a-black-sun.

Looking at this issue because of T84937.