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autoCategory option to $wgUploadWizardConfig setting is getting ignored
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I am using d8090e9ad01dcdf098ebe2c47fa6421fbd2c947a of 2014-07-07 tagged for the MW 1.23 branch on a PHP 5.4 machine and a MW 1.23.8 instance and added the following setting to the "LocalSettings.php" file. All these options work as expected except for the "autoCategory" option since all uploaded files end up in "Kategorie:Uploaded with UploadWizard".

$wgUploadWizardConfig = array(
 	'debug' => false,
 	'autoCategory' => 'Hochgeladen mit UploadWizard',
 	'feedbackPage' => 'Rückmeldungen zu UploadWizard',
 	'altUploadForm' => 'Special:Upload',
 	'fallbackToAltUploadForm' => false,
 	'enableFormData' => true,
 	'enableMultipleFiles' => true,
 	'enableMultiFileSelect' => false,
 	'tutorial' => array( 'skip' => true ),
        'fileExtensions' => $wgFileExtensions

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I am not sure if this one is somewhere in the pipeline. Some kind of triage will be nice. This is obviously only valid since we are talking about MW 1.23 LTS.

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There is no 'autoCategory' setting (anymore). You can use either of the below instead:

'autoAdd' => array(
  'categories' => array( 'Hochgeladen mit UploadWizard' ),
'trackingCategory' => array(
  'all' => 'Hochgeladen mit UploadWizard',

The latter will replace the default 'Uploaded with UploadWizard' category, the former will add another one to it.

@matmarex I could have sworn that the 'autoCategory' thingy was still in the REL1_23 code but evidently this was not the case. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I just amended the extension's docu which was still including this info at mw.o so other do not have a hard time learning about this. :)

Oh, I didn't realize. Thanks for that!

That's what we are here for: helping each other!