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PHP Notice: Undefined index: DataCollector.php on line 128
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When uploading a file with the UploadWizard extension (d8090e9ad01dcdf098ebe2c47fa6421fbd2c947a of 2014-07-07 REL1_23) this extension (6b330e1407c9b68bc588b70c35474092eb32386b of 2014-06-03 beyond REL1_23) emits the following PHP notices for each information not provided e.g. coordinates, informationFields etc. I am using PHP 5.4 for an MW 1.23.8 instance

PHP Notice: Undefined index: coordinates in /.../extensions/CommonsMetadata/DataCollector.php on line 128, referer:

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This was fixed in . REL1_23 is a long-term support release so that needs to be backported.

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The fix has been backported to 1.24.

Great, thank you for dealing with this. What about REL1_23?

The code that causes this notice doesn't exist in REL1_23. I think your version is beyond REL1_24?

No, just a little beyond REL1_23 (see the exact version in my original post). However if the code is not there it cannot be fixed. :) I should probably give REL1_23 and not an in-between version a shot and come back here if there are still worries. So no worries for now. Thank you again!

Just as the long promised follow up. I have just changed to REL1_23 of CommonsMetadata and indeed no PHP notices are emitted. Cool.