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Cite button of RefToolbar not working
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cite button on right side of RefToolbar is not working properly at

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Hi @MKar.

Exact steps to reproduce are welcome, so anybody could follow without having to interpret. Currently I don't know how to also see that problem.

To find the problem, could you please open the Error Console (or whatever it is called in your browser) and reload the page that you see the problem on? If there is a problem or an error with JavaScript it should be printed in that console.
For more information please see:

If I remember correctly, RefToolbar is a gadget. User scripts and gadgets are local features and managed on wiki. Phabricator/Maniphest is used for MediaWiki, MediaWiki extensions, or server configuration. You could contact the author of the script/gadget.

If RefToolbar is a gadget, this ticket is INVALID here as this is a local wiki matter and not handled in Phabricator/Maniphest.

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MKar led me through the steps on IRC and this looks a lot like T85489.

<MKar> Classing editing, please go to
<MKar> when you click on 'cite' in the tool bar it does not load all the fields...
<MKar> Select "Cite web" from the templatesdropdown
<andre__> my Browser's error console says:
TypeError: $(...).live is not a function

So if you check the web browser's console, you see that the offending code line is:

$('#cite-date-'+CiteTB.escStr(this.shortform)+'-'+field).live('click', CiteTB.fillAccessdate);

and that line comes from

so that is the file you need to fix. See T85489 for how this was fixed by the Spanish Wikipedia community.

And as written in T85489: "This is why people shouldn't ignore deprecation warnings! That function was throwing up deprecation warnings for quite some time before it was removed."

The problem is solved. Thanks to Aklapper (andre__) for his valuable help through IRC.