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Do banner hiding with mixins
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Banner hiding is currently done using a small number of javascript files. If we replace this system with “preload” mixin code, an immediate win is that we can prevent injection of banner HTML into the DOM when hide logic is triggered. Other wins worth noting are that we get visibility and code review on tricky hiding logic.

TODO: discussion and rewrite of existing hide logic


To convert a banner to use this mixin,

Go to the banner edit page.
Remove the BannerShowHideCount template from the banner content, make a note of your parameter values.
Check the BannerShowHideCount mixin and save the banner.
Banner message fields should appear for the four parameters. Enter the old values into these fields and save again. Note that the parameter names have been changed to protect your sanity.

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What are the changes to UI/workflow that will happen with this? I'd like to be a part of any decisions around how these changes will effect our users.

The changes should be very minor, the mechanism is almost fully compatible with the "javascript snippet" method of banner dieting.

Admins will have to:

  • Check "Banner diet mixin" for banners that should use this logic.
  • Don't include a javascript snippet to do the same thing!
  • Set banner message variables to control cookie name and diet parameters. Same as before, but possible slight changes to the naming convention.

We should weigh this work against a campaign-level mixin to do the same thing, following T90913. An important part of this decision is the migration plan.

Change 181244 had a related patch set uploaded (by Awight):
Preload JS comes with no baggage

Change 181244 merged by jenkins-bot:
Preload JS comes with no baggage


  • All but one of the patches mentioned in this task have merged.
  • The remaining patch has been abandoned. That's the one that actually implements the feature that this task is about. Instead of implementing banner hiding with banner-associated mixins, we'll do it with the new campaign-associated mixins (see T90915).
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I thought we were done/abandoning this one?

We're doing this a different way. It remains to be decided if we're creating a new card, or renaming this, I think.

Should we close this one as invalid/declined?

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