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Revise Phabricator downtime procedures to not redirect without user approval
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In the past during scheduled Phabricator downtime, all requests got redirected to a wiki page. This meant that when I was going through some mail and clicking on various links, after switching to my browser I was presented with dozens of tabs with the same wiki page and, if I could remember what links I clicked, I had to go through the same process again after the downtime ended.

Instead, during scheduled Phabricator downtime, for example clicking on T2001 should bring up a page with the URL unaltered that says: "Phabricator is down for maintenance; see [[wiki page]] for details." so that only active user input fiddles with the URL. Optionally, the information could include the estimated end of the maintenance window.

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@chasemp, any opinion or indication for a potential volunteer taking this task?

imho we are not updating that often, so unless this is a trivial fix, I would not bother much.

For a trivial fix, just disable the webserver/set up a firewall rule.

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