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Create "MediaWiki-jQuery-Tablesorter" project and close T33601
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It's its own component, currently part of MediaWiki core. With quite a few issues around it.

Project owners: @Krinkle, @TheDJ.

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So how would this project be named? MediaWiki-Jquery-Tablesorter? Just Jquery-tablesorter?
A tag symbol I assume? Any project description available?

See for required information.

@Aklapper Use "jquery" (internal identifier) or "jQuery" (display title). "Jquery" does not exist.

  • Name: MediaWiki-jQuery-Tablesorter
  • Type: Component
  • Description:

jQuery plugin for turning an HTML table into a table with with multi-column sorting capabilities.

This plugin is currently maintained as module in MediaWiki core.


Like many plugins and libraries, this is currently part of MediaWiki core, but will (once properly factored out) likely move into its own Git repository. This has already happened with CDB (PHP lib), and various others are closely following (CSSMin, JavaScriptMinifier, Cookie, ..). Once separated, we may want to rename it to "jQuery-Tablesorter".

Krinkle renamed this task from Create "jquery-tablesorter" project and kill T33601 to Create "MediaWiki-jQuery-Tablesorter" project and close T33601.Jan 15 2015, 10:37 PM
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