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Do not log CC exp date
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We don't need it. Remove the ExpDate node from WorldPay authorization responses.

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@Haritha28: Awesome, let us know if we can provide any information you need!

The code in question is in DonationInterface/worldpay_gateway, and you can set up a test environment using mediawiki-vagrant and enabling the "fundraising" role. Setting up credentials to hit the real API is tricky, so you'll probably be happiest just writing a PHPUnit test to exercise the code paths involved.

@Haritha28: This issue has been assigned to you a while ago.
Could you please share a status update? Are you still working (or still plan to work) on this issue? Is there anything that others could help with?
Only in case you do not plan to work on this issue anymore, should you be removed as assignee (via 'Reassign / Claim' in the 'Action' dropdown menu)?
Thanks for contributing to Wikimedia!

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The code in question is in DonationInterface/worldpay_gateway

That got removed in

Does that make this task invalid?

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Worldpay is long gone and this task is specific to Worldpay. We should either make it a more general task because we are logging expiration elsewhere, or close it. Throwing it back into Triage to sort it out.

We decided in todays FR Tech / Ops backlog refinement meeting to close this task and create a new one specific to what we're currently logging. New task is T311455.