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Magic word pass-to-php on translations
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Make a magic word for the interface MediaWiki: messages, so they -instead of
using the DB info (the magic word)- instruct mediawiki to use the messages.php

This allows keeping the translating history for pages public while using the
wider php files.

Some recent related texts:
-Message by GerardM where he asks for deleting project-specific messages:

-Complaining (and de-sysoping procedure) to an nl admin which deleted MediaWiki
messages to allow php ones. This system would have allowed it as 'an edit', and
complainers could have check history changes (don't know if it could have made a
difference, but it's a message problem)

This would also be a nice improvement for Betawiki.

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I really don't understand what this means.

You can just blank the message, no?

I have just checked it. As i supposed, if there's a blank message (a string with
no chars) then no message shows (it shows the string which doesn't have text).
That's why ''magic'' is needed.

jimmy.collins wrote:

It works for me when I delete the message.

If you delete the message you keep the history??
That's the initial purpose... Using the Messages.php but keeping the history.