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Make Contribution Tracking not a SPOF
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Payments will gown down in flames if the fr-write database goes away, we should provide redundancy. The only requirement is a connection for contribution tracking.

Possible solutions:

  • Maybe create a c_t table on payments1 with an auto-increment way above the threshold and backfill once db1008 comes back? - Wait, do you mean backfill the real c_t table, and nuke the table on payments1?
  • Start using UUIDs so this requirement no longer exists - I feel like I'm failing to remember some shining good reason this won't work either.
  • Recent contribution_tracking can be served using a redundant key/value store such as Redis. Archived contribution_tracking can still be served from mysql.

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We should switch to logging CT events as a historical log rather than a snapshot. I can confirm that paymentswiki never needs to read from CT, so this would be a security as well as stability win.

Use Redis as a sequence generator for ct_id, and store events as a list under that key.

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We discussed this in an offsite. Some notes are here:

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