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Special:Unlockdb - Don't show display the form to unlock the database when it's not locked.
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Author: nickpj


root@bling:/var/www/hosts/mediawiki/wiki# svn diff includes/SpecialUnlockdb.php

Index: includes/SpecialUnlockdb.php

  • includes/SpecialUnlockdb.php (revision 15560)

+++ includes/SpecialUnlockdb.php (working copy)
@@ -37,9 +37,15 @@
class DBUnlockForm {

function showForm( $err )
  • global $wgOut, $wgUser;

+ global $wgOut, $wgUser, $wgReadOnlyFile;

$wgOut->setPagetitle( wfMsg( "unlockdb" ) );

+ if ( !file_exists($wgReadOnlyFile) ) {
+ $wgOut->addWikiText( "The database is not currently locked, so it cannot be
unlocked." );
+ return;
+ }

$wgOut->addWikiText( wfMsg( "unlockdbtext" ) );

if ( "" != $err ) {


(but should use wfMsg instead of a hard-coded string).

Version: 1.8.x
Severity: trivial



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robchur wrote:

You know what's nice? When people leave us patches as attachments. It makes
viewing the diff and saving and applying the patch even easier, especially in
the case of larger patches.

robchur wrote:

Fixed in SVN trunk, r15565.

nickpj wrote:

Thank you, and I didn't realise bugzilla would screw up the formatting quite so
badly. :-(