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I need a help for using ProofreadPage at Korean wikisource
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Hello, there. I need a help for using ProofreadPage at Korean wikisource. I tried to contact local admin. But nobody answered me. At first, please see this page, which doesn't work well. I think something is wrong in this. How should do for using ProofreadPage at Korean wikisource?

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Hi @HappyMidnight.
The URL seems to be색인:殺人書秘話_박문_제1집,_1938.10,_12-13_(2_pages).pdf and it's unclear to me what exactly is requested in this ticket or is unclear.
Is there something is wrong in the code of MediaWiki (a so-called "bug"), or is this a support request (how to change settings, questions how to do something, etc.)?
Wikimedia Phabricator/Maniphest is for specific reports and enhancement requests but there is no support for "How can I do X?" here.

I tried to contact local admin. But nobody answered me.

So is there actually a configuration problem? Can you paste a link to that wiki page? Have you tried to bring up the problem on the community discussion page (village pump) of ko.wikisource?

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Thank you, @Aklapper.
I actually confused the role of this phabricator. I mean that I don't know whether there is something wrong there, Ko-wikisource or not. Just I need how I can use this extension. Anyway if you can fix it, please help me. In Ko-wikisource, right now there is no able admin for this problem.

Here is the link.

Thank you.

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If you want help, you first need to explain what the problem and your question is. :) "doesn't work well" is not a description that allows anyone to help.
I am afraid that this task is not about a software bug so I am closing this task in Phabricator as invalid, simply because it's not handled in Phabricator...
Please see for documentation. You might ask on its discussion page. If the documentation has specific areas that are unclear, specific documentation requests are welcome. Thanks for your understanding, and good luck!

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Phabricator is not a place to ask for this kind of support, but just in case it helps:

So we are talking about,_1938.10,_12-13_(2_pages).pdf

Usually the first place to ask about a problem in a page is its related discussion page, which in this case still needs to be created.

Looking at,_1938.10,_12-13_(2_pages).pdf&action=history we can see that another user has been working in that page right after you created it, so there is a chance that they will respond.

If you don't get answers in a discussion page, the next step is ?

I can't read Korean, but that should be the equivalent to Village Pump (support forum) for Korean Wikisource.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your sincere reply on my concern. I will try to solve the problem in the way you recommended.


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