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Represent key metrics in the CX analytics dashboard
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The following were defined as key metrics, it would help to keep track of them if they were represented in CX analytics dashboard:

  • Number of users who enable CX beta-feature
  • Users who publish at least 1 translation in the user namespace (or started a translation draft on those sites where publishing happens directly to main namespace)
  • Users who publish at least 1 translation in the main namespace
  • Articles using CX published in main namespace

Note that notes in brackets are my reinterpretation of those metrics in the scenario of direct-to-main-namespace, we need to decide what to do in such case.

At the analytics page
The analytics page should contain a clear description of all the metrics we are actually supporting in the project.

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@Amire80 Please create queries and we can have it once we deploy CX in production. It is good to have it along with deployment for consistence graphs/data.

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Special:CXStats acts as the central cx dashboard now for all the above items except the beta feature stats. Beta feature stats is tracked at

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