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MediaWiki Developer Summit 2015 panel proposal: MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group Meet-Up
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This is a meet-up for members, future members and friends of the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group.

Markus explains what the MW Stakeholders Group is doing (he has slides, should be uploaded somewhere)

  • Monitors development roadmap
  • Application to AffCom
  • Set up a developer exchange
  • Development wishlist / roadmap
  • Set up tasks on Phabricator
  • Extension documentation on mw.o

Re-focus (Markus proposes)

We are probably diverting too much. If we would be lobbying for only one reason, what would it be?

Mark: Extension / Content bundle?

We are not discussing. How to start?
mediawiki-l could be the mailing to discuss

Mark: what if we start discussing the extension bundle the idea in mediawiki-l?
Legoktm: we would need to discuss first whether that is a good idea?

Csteipp: as a 3rd party user you don't get any communiation when there are changes of big impact coming.

Isarra: Is there a way to communicate these announcements?
Mukunda: a MediaWiki Planet?
Siebrand? a tag log in i.e. Wikipedia planet?

ACTION: Publish major release announcements on techblog (Greg G on point)

We gots a hashtag: #mwstakeholders
And on mediawiki-l [stakeholders]

Wikimedia Foundation support
Quim: If you need something, ask. If you don't say anything, we assume you are fine.
The group should know what Wikimedia can offer (grants, participation and travel sponsorship to events...)

Quim: What about the SemanticMediaWiki community?
Markus: we have SMW people in the group, but we don't need to be the single point of contact for 3rd parties.

Event Timeline

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Proposed agenda:

  • Meet 'n' Greet
  • Introduction of the group: What we are and where we're heading
  • Possible shift in strategic focus: Advisory and educational
  • Support commitment by Foundation
  • Own outward facing release with more extensions
  • Extension / Content bundle
  • Focus: if we were lobbying for one issue, what would it be
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I want to stress this point:

Wikimedia Foundation support
Quim: If you need something, ask. If you don't say anything, we assume you are fine.

I this group needs anything from the Foundation, please create or highlight tasks in Phabricator. You can CC me as default point of contact.