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In 2-Set Korean IME when typing inside a table cell and pressing space selection and cursor disappear
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In Chrome 39 and Mac OS with 2-Set Korean IME enabled when typing inside a table cell any input and pressing space after it selection disappear and table cell is not in the edit mode anymore. The important factor here is timing, if space is pressed immediately after text input - then problem occurs, and otherwise it does not occur.

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Can someone let me know whether this still happens in VE-standalone? I don't have the platform combination to hand but we recently fixed a post-keydown timing issue that I would suspect could have clobbered a selection. Thanks!

revi added a comment.Sep 24 2015, 9:18 AM

What is "VE-standalone"?

dchan added a comment.Nov 30 2015, 7:25 AM

Hi, I think this may work OK now: can you try!pages/tables.html and confirm whether the problem is gone? Thanks!

I believe this works now, yes. (Test in Chrome and Firefox on Mac OS X using GongjinCheong Romanja OS X IME.)

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