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"Modern, consistent user experience" plenary session at the MediaWiki Developer Summit 2015
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Notes :

Where : 2:45 - 3:30 Robertson 2

What :
Modern, consistent user experience [Trevor/Jared]

  • Front-end standards
    • Brief discussion of architectural principals
    • Wrap up of what we've accomplished in the past year
    • Roadmap of the year ahead
    • Framing the standardization process
  • Living style guide
  • Take questions

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Two issues that I think could be interesting to bring up in the discussion part of this session:

  • With our growing reliance on client-side JS, what should be our policy for no-JS support for
    • a) editors, and
    • b) anons
  • Working towards lightning fast CDN-based views for editors: Can we annotate anon HTML on the client using JS, or should we use something like ESI on the server?

For the first question, I hope that we can get data for current JS / no-JS market share for anons vs. editors in T58575 or T1384.

@werdna @Prtksxna @violetto Please plan on being present for this session, Trevor and I will be presenting, but the format is 10+10mins presentation then 35 mins of Q&A its 2:15 on 1/26 during the MWDS. Since you folks will likely be the ones who can answer questions in greater detail I'll need you there with us. Thanks!

Please update the description with the achievements of this session. Thank you in advance.