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"Modern, consistent user experience" plenary session at the MediaWiki Developer Summit 2015
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Notes :

Where : 2:45 - 3:30 Robertson 2

What :
Modern, consistent user experience [Trevor/Jared]

  • Front-end standards
    • Brief discussion of architectural principals
    • Wrap up of what we've accomplished in the past year
    • Roadmap of the year ahead
    • Framing the standardization process
  • Living style guide
  • Take questions

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Two issues that I think could be interesting to bring up in the discussion part of this session:

  • With our growing reliance on client-side JS, what should be our policy for no-JS support for
    • a) editors, and
    • b) anons
  • Working towards lightning fast CDN-based views for editors: Can we annotate anon HTML on the client using JS, or should we use something like ESI on the server?

For the first question, I hope that we can get data for current JS / no-JS market share for anons vs. editors in T58575 or T1384.

@werdna @Prtksxna @violetto Please plan on being present for this session, Trevor and I will be presenting, but the format is 10+10mins presentation then 35 mins of Q&A its 2:15 on 1/26 during the MWDS. Since you folks will likely be the ones who can answer questions in greater detail I'll need you there with us. Thanks!

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Please update the description with the achievements of this session. Thank you in advance.

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