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Deactivation of Edit summary dialog
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I am experiencing recently the following problem. I open the page to edit and when I click on save, the dialog window comes. I would expect (and thats how it worked previously), that I can than continue writing edit summary. But know, I have to move cursor to that window and click to activate the option of writing. I think this is not necessary complication, which push editors to spent more time with something, which doesn't contribute to the creation of Wikipedia.

Tested in FF 34.0.5 and Google Chrome at cs.wp and cs.wn.

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Possibly. @Juandev, can you reproduce this now? The code to fix T75675 was deployed to cswiki on Wednesday.

Possibly. @Juandev, can you reproduce this now? The code to fix T75675 was deployed to cswiki on Wednesday.

I let you know later, but it looks to me it works good again.

Well, the conclusion is that in the case of edit summary its not happening, but it is happening in the case of oher pop up windows like when inserting a template.

This issue in the template dialog is T85484 and we actually merged a fix to that literally yesterday. I'm not sure when it will go out, since deployments are on hold this and next week, but James will surely know.

As for the edit summary dialog, this is definitively fixed, right?

Well actially it is still happening. Right now I am edition w:cs:Ottův pramen - new article and when wanted to add a template it deactivated itself - the dialog box.

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Does the problem still persist?

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Unable to reproduce on Firefox 50.

  1. Start editing an article.
  2. Press "save changes"
  3. Summary is already selected. Closing the save dialog re-selects the editor.
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Closing as per last comment. Thanks for retesting!

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