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workshop on design research in product development at developer summit
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I would like to give a quick workshop to provide a very high level summary of what Design Research is, and how it is valuable for product development, and then dive into describing how developers might do some quick user research to test their UI with users. The goal is to teach about the value of Design Research as well as providing very basic tool kit for DIY research done well. 1/2 an hour could work, but if there were 45 minutes, we might be able to squeeze in an exercise for practice.

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I will talk at a high level what design research is and why we are building a Design Research department at WMF. Then, I will describe how developers can do fast and easy design research on the UI of what they are building. There will be time for discussion and question / answer.

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Design research and user centered design - what is it? why do we care? I will show some examples of how it is applied (Grameen Foundation and IDEO) and what we are doing and what we are planning to do with this new little department called design research. Discussion will be seeded with ideas about collaborating to support design thinking and user centered design further into our decision making and making processes. Also, Engineers ask to learn design research and how to do it (especially usability testing) to un block UX bugs and build in a way that people are more likely to use functionality. we will discuss this too, and our path toward DIY usability testing.