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Unify labs and prod roles for role::deployment::deployment_servers
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They should be unifiable now with some hiera magic.

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Change 185137 had a related patch set uploaded (by Yuvipanda):
deployment: Unify salt_masters role for prod / labs


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Change 185137 merged by Yuvipanda:
deployment: Unify salt_masters role for prod / labs

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There are some other use cases, we might want to fix them as well shouldn't we?


$ git grep -n deployment_server_override
manifests/role/deployment.pp:233:    if ( $::deployment_server_override != undef ) {
manifests/role/deployment.pp:234:        $apache_fqdn = $::deployment_server_override
manifests/role/trebuchet.pp:10:        labs       => pick($::deployment_server_override, "${::instanceproject}-deploy.eqiad.wmflabs"),


$ git grep -n salt_master.*override
manifests/role/salt.pp:95:        $master        = pick($::salt_master_override, $labs_masters)
manifests/role/salt.pp:96:        $master_finger = pick($::salt_master_finger_override, $labs_finger)
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DDDONE. That was painful :)

See I3e947637b49ce2a94128e21db35798a49e8d45e8