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FF 35: hovercard conflicts with ad block extensions: doesn't disappear, and new hovercard don't pop up
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How to reproduce:

use Firefox (using 35 here), enable hovercards and hover over a link.

Expected behavior: pop shows as long as you are on the link and disappears after some milliseconds.

Actual behavior: hovercard get stuck and doesn't disappear. New hovercards don't show.

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I can reproduce the problem in Firefox 35 on F21 only with the "Adblock Plus" addon enabled in Firefox. Can someone confirm?

Confirmed. disabling adblock plus fixes the issue.

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this must be caused by a recent (<2 weeks?) change in FF, Adblock and/or MediaWiki (Popups, ..).

I suspect this is caused by a blocked request to [...] which blockage isn't handled nice in event tracking and/or popups code.

On leaving the hovercard a request is created (and appears as blocked in Adblock Plus), simultaneously Web Console gets a red x entry with message ":" only and location (via debug=true) at ext.eventLogging.core.js:222 (1.25wmf14) in the EventLogging-Extension.

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closing as T86680 got fixed. Change has been deployed. I haven't seen that issue afterwards for me.

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