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TemplateData GUI adds linebreaks before <noinclude>
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After having added TemplateData to a template by clicking "Manage TemplateData" -> Apply the <noinclude> tag surrounding the TemplateData is inserted into the template preceded by two linebreaks.

Some templates might be sensitive to the included whitespace and for these it would be better if the <noinclude> followed directly after the template code.

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Indeed, happens to me all the time.

TemplateData itself goes into a <noinclude> element in the end of the template's source code, and many templates already have a <noinclude> element there, so it could be reused.

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I'll try to avoid having an extra blank line in this task, see T96537 for reusing an existing noinclude

Change 263635 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Monk):
Avoid adding an extra blank line before <noinclude>

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Avoid adding an extra blank line before <noinclude>