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Provide a country switching form on payments.wmo
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There are legitimate cases where our geolocation fails, or a donor needs to change their billing address country to access a payment method not available from their country of web request. We need to provide some GUI feedback about the geolocated country, and provide a link to a new country-switching page, which allows the donor to pretend they are coming from anywhere.

Anyone coming in with an invalid or 'XX' country should be automatically redirected to this new page.

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from @Pcoombe in email:

I've been doing some research into the problem where people were getting country=XX for their location.

There are approximately 9000 instances in drupal.contribution_tracking (i.e. someone landing on donatewiki or paymentswiki) with country=XX  from December. Almost all of these also had utm_medium (and utm_campaign, utm_banner) recorded as NULL, which suggests another problem. Could be bots/spiders? When you were getting the country XX pages, did you notice any of the other url parameters looking strange?

There were a few instances of country XX with other mediums, but these are only a very small portion of the total.
Sidebar: 67 (from a total of 34,594)
Waystogive: 55 (from a total of 17,571)
I looked at the distribution of country=XX over time, and it looks like it was fairly constant throughout December. No big spikes or drops.

We'll need to get an estimate on this to proceed.

United States , is that what you needed

@awight could this be related to the country = NULL that @MeganHernandez_WMF has been asking about?