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Correct native language for Sesotho (Southern Sotho)
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Author: zyxoas

When specifying different language versions of
Wikipedia pages, a list of the native names of the
other languages the page is available in is
displayed on the LHS (usually) of the page. When
one links to the Sesotho (st) language version of
a page (see [[:en:User:Zyxoas]] for an example)
the native language name is incorrectly displayed
as "seSotho" instead of the correct "Sesotho".
[[Sesotho]] is not an [[Nguni]] language and does
not use caMeL CapItAls distinguishing the class
prefixes for proper names (unlike isiZulu,
isiXhosa, etc).

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Severity: minor



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zyxoas wrote:

I don't quite understand.

Does this mean that the name has been changed to "Sesotho" in the latest software release and will apear on Wikipedia soon? If that's the case (since it still hasn't changed on Wikipedia), then that's perfect. Thank you.

Yes, in a few days, after the next software sync on Wikimedia servers, [[st:]] will appear as "Sesotho". Have a look at [[st:Special:Version]]:

"MediaWiki: 1.12alpha (r26409)" is it today. When the number is >= r27488 it's live :)