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Use structured feedback for MediaWiki core's feedback tool
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MediaWiki core has a feedback tool that is used in several extensions, including VisualEditor. It provides a form that allows the user to enter a subject line and a comment. Those are turned into signed messages on the designated talk page, using ?section=new.

This doesn't currently work with either Flow or LiquidThreads.

It also collects unwanted feedback, because at most wikis (and in some contexts), it is the only obvious method of giving any feedback at all. For example, 100% of the "software feedback" responses posted through the feedback in VisualEditor at the Indonesian Wikipedia have been about article content. Those messages belong on the article talk page.

I propose that we update the feedback tool to use simple, practical structured feedback systems. Instead of asking:

Subject: (blank)
Message: (blank)

let's start by giving them a couple of buttons that lead to different pages and/or experiences:

What is your feedback about?

[Page contents]

Each button then leads to something similar to the current feedback form, but with custom information at the top. For example, the "page contents" button might link to a "how to edit" page, and the "software" button might request that the user provide browser and OS information. Ideally, the buttons could be configured per-namespace.

Depending on which button is chosen, the user's message gets directed to the appropriate place (e.g., for a problem with encyclopedia article contents, the message might be posted to the talk page or perhaps a new-user friendly central board) . "The appropriate place" should be locally configurable for each possible button.

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This is being discussed elsewhere, / M80.

Is this task effectively blocked by T100011, then?

No, this task isn't blocked by T100011. That discussion is about fixing a specific confusing thing in the existing system (the "lose all your information and start over in Phab" button looks a lot like a "press me to submit all the information you typed in this form" button). This task is about letting the editor provide feedback in the correct location on wiki (article talk page for content issues, software feedback page for software issues).

Thank you, this is useful. Then... it seems like there is a lot of overlap between this task and T29852: Wikimedia wikis need better issue reporting system ?

@Nirzar, are you working or planning to work on this task? Do you have any idea about the priority of this task?

I am not actively working on this anymore. it was deprioritized by the editing team.

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